Commercial Remodeling Tips

Brace Corporation is pleased to provide you a list of helpful
remodeling tips and suggestions. Remember, every Remodeling is
different, so some of these tips may not apply to you project.

Local building codes require a certain number of electrical outlets in a room.
However, some electricians will slap the receptacles into the walls in an
unattractive configuration when you consider where the phone and cable jacks
are going. Tell your electrician exactly where you want the outlets and jacks to
be (and how high you want them as well). This is especially true if you have an
idea where you want your furniture to go and you want to hide the outlets and
jacks behind the furniture.

Be sure that your painter saves you some paint in the cans for touch-ups
and duplication later. Pay close attention to paint manufactures and the
year the paint was manufactured.

One of the classic home remodeling tips is to maximize resale value by spending
your money "where the water is". This means kitchens and bathrooms. Also,
having a good trim carpenter install fine crown molding, etc. can really dress up
your house.

Fire extinguishers are small and handy life-savers that can mean the difference
in a burned home or a saved one. They come in many types (four actually), so
for the home, selecting the one that would be most effective (normally type ABC)
for dry, electrical and oil-based fires is the best choice. They should be placed in
the most accessible areas such as the kitchen, garage, above the stairs and
below cabinets.

An home inspection report from an independent home inspector can save you
aggravation and money. Home inspections should be carried out prior to moving
into the new home. Obtain a copy of the inspection report and review it with the builder.

The best new windows and the best replacement windows are ones that have been
certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and the
National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). AAMA is the golden standard as they test
the actual quality of the materials used to make the window and how those materials
are assembled. Their testing is rigorous and random. Once a manufacturer has a window
certified, they have to sign a contract with AAMA that allows AAMA to come to the
factory unannounced so they can take a window from the assembly line to test. That total
transparency works in your favor as the manufacturer constantly must be producing
quality windows.

I'm sure you have heard to always get three estimates for any work you are going to have
done. Well, that depends on a lot of factors. If a contractor has been recommended by a
friend, you have seen his work and are satisfied with the quality, and YOU have met and
talked with the contractor and are comfortable with him, , then maybe you only need to
get his estimate. If you feel his price is reasonable, I would say go for it. On the other hand,
if you are getting bids from contractors that you have no personal experience with, get
three bids. If the bids are within 10-15% of each other, then choose based on your comfort
level with the contractor. If the three bids are really different, more investigation needs to
be done. Either, a contractor forgot something and the bids are not "apples to apples" bids,
or there might be something suspicious about a contractor with a "out of range" bid. Look
closely, buyer beware.

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